Now that 2020 is over, I can look back and figure out what the best parts were. Specifically in my author life.

2020 brought some challenges in writing for a lot of us. Our kids were suddenly home and needing help with remote learning. That takes a good chunk of the day for those of us who used the time our kids were at school to get work done. It’s also an added frustration because I’m not a teacher and let’s just say not all of my son’s teachers give the best instructions.

However, some amazing things still happened last year.

The best thing was finding a writing tribe that works for me. It’s a group of five authors (originally, we’ve added a couple) who all get on zoom and do writing sprints. Twenty minutes to write as much as you can.

I’ve never written this fast this well in my life.

If it wasn’t for this group of women, 2020 would’ve ended very differently for me when it came to my writing life and I’m so thankful that I was invited to join this group. Not only have I found my writing tribe and figured out a way to be productive during a pandemic that is changing how we do things (at least temporarily) but I’ve found some fantastic friends.