I recently told a friend of mine (Hi April!) that I had no idea what to write on my blog. I always feel like nothing special is going on in my life and nobody wants to hear about the boring.

But we decided that you might actually want to hear about the boring.

So here it is.

Remote learning is kind of kicking my ass most days. I don’t mind doing remote learning with my 8th grader because it was our decision. The school requires masks which I agree with but for him, a kid with Auditory Processing Disorder, it wasn’t going to work. My senior is face to face learning.

The masks make it harder for him to pick up the voices (which is already hard if there’s any background noise) and he relies on watching facial movements to reinforce what’s being said as well as to tell how people are feeling, etc.

So it wasn’t going to work for him and we chose remote learning. I’m totally fine with it but gah! It’s so hard *insert best whiny voice*.

But it’s hard because the teachers are so scattered. It’s hard because our school district decided that 8th graders were going to get a jump on their high school classes by putting them into Algebra 1 and Spanish 1. Most of our time is spent trying to figure out what the teachers want him to do, where the assignments are, when they are due. All of that.

So, if you’re struggling with remote learning this year, know that I am with you and hopefully next year we will all look back and be like… remember that? 🙂