The Gremlin Prince (The Empowered Series Book 1)

Title: The Gremlin Prince (The Empowered Series Book 1)
Series: The Empowered Series #1

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Alyssum Bracken will do anything to find the Gremlin Prince…

After a longtime feud over copper between the Gremalian and the Gobel races, her people’s only hope for survival lies with Jensen Burkhardt and the hope he inherited his father’s abilities. When she tracks him down, Alyssum discovers she isn’t the first to get there. Aric, a rival goblin, is already ensconced in Jensen’s life.

Risking exile to save both races from a bloody war, the unlikely trio come together to fight for everything they love. A forbidden friendship with Aric, a first love with Jensen, while juggling the leader of her people, who’s also her father, prejudice against the Gobel—and Aric’s people trying to kill them all—could be too much for Alyssum to handle.Jensen’s strength is the one thing keeping Alyssum grounded, but will their relationship be jeopardized by her friendship with Aric? Will any of them survive?

Alyssum isn't sure… but she’s going to fight like hell.


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The Goblin War (The Empowered Series Book 2)

Title: The Goblin War (The Empowered Series Book 2)
Series: The Empowered Series #2

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Captured by his own people. Sentenced to death.

When the goblin Aric Bramble is arrested for treason against his people, it’s up to Alyssum to rescue him from a dark fate. Saving him will come at a cost and Alyssum Bracken’s world shatters when they return to New York to escape. She discovered things she can’t unlearn, information that contradicts everything she believes in and turns her life into a lie. Abandoning what she’s been taught, Alyssum seeks peace, and attempts to find a way to bring the Gremalians and the Gobel together…

But ending the war isn’t Alyssum’s only concern. Earth is now starting to rebel against its magical inhabitants. Earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters plague the Gremalians and the Gobel as a result their greedy lust for copper. Will

Alyssum bring both sides together? Or is it already too late to stop the coming disaster?

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