All I Want (A Holiday Bites Novel)

Title: All I Want (A Holiday Bites Novel)
Series: Holiday Bites #1, New Release #1

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A misunderstanding lead to losing the love of my life and I didn’t even realize it.


When Harrison left for school forever away, I thought that was the end. I moved on.
Now, two years later, I’m back in town and have my own massage business. But Christmas is a lonely time when you’re alone so I accept a friend’s invitation to a holiday dinner. Imagine my surprise when I come face to face with the man I’d loved more than I knew I could.

This could be my only opportunity for a second chance.


I never thought following my dream would cost me my girl. I’d spent the last two years coming to terms with that. Yes thinking about Luna is still like a knife to the gut.

This Christmas, my boss decided to have a dinner for lonely people and I’m happy to work it. Never did I dream I’d see Luna’s name on the guest list.

She’s back in Lake Shores and when I see her, I immediately want her, but the question becomes… After she left me once, can I trust her enough to give us another shot?

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