Highest Bidder (Gambling on Love Book 1)

Title: Highest Bidder (Gambling on Love Book 1)
Series: Gambling on Love #1

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When Flannery’s scholarship disappears, she’ll do whatever it takes to stay in school. Even if it means selling her virginity.

Flannery dreams of a life better than her mother’s. So when her hard-earned scholarship funds get embezzled, there’s no way she’s going home. Even if that means selling her virginity to the highest bidder.

The only thing holding her back is Cain, her perfect boyfriend who has no idea what it’s like to struggle financially. Finding out the girl he loves is willing to give her virginity away might be too much for even him to get past.

When the winning bid comes in and Cain finds out, Flannery must convince him that this is her only chance to stay in school otherwise she’ll have to give up her dream.

Is selling her virginity to a stranger something Cain can forgive or will doing what it takes to achieve her dream cost her the man she loves?

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Highest Stakes (Gambling on Love Book 2)

Title: Highest Stakes (Gambling on Love Book 2)
Series: Gambling on Love #2

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Kendra doesn’t believe in love. Sex sure. But never love.

Then Kendra Roberts discovers she’s accidentally been in a relationship for two years when her friend with benefits acknowledges how he feels about her. Time to cut him loose.

For a while, it’s easy for her to believe she made the right choice. Hiding from the truth is as second nature to her as breathing. Until she goes on a girl’s weekend and realizes just how lucky she’d been to have Adam in her life.

Panic goes nuclear when Kendra finds out that Adam is trying to move on. But being in a friend’s wedding together could be the second chance Kendra needs to prove she wants the same forever Adam does.


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Highest Reward (Gambling on Love Book 3)

Title: Highest Reward (Gambling on Love Book 3)
Series: Gambling on Love #3

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Sam never backs down from a challenge.

After graduation, Sam took a job out of state but never imagined he’d miss every back home as much as he does. The opportunity to crash his best friend’s honeymoon is too good to pass up and too good of an opportunity to figure out his life.

On a sunny beach in Hawaii, Sam is annoyed by how much he wants Miriam. Then she cracks his hard exterior, exposing the person he really is. The person he’s kept hidden from everyone for years.

Then, without a word, Miriam disappears from his life causing Sam to throw responsibility to the wind. If Sam can’t figure out what happened, the woman he loves will become a memory. But he also doesn’t know if he can handle the truth of why she left.


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