Last Good Thing (The Fallout Series Book 1)

Title: Last Good Thing (The Fallout Series Book 1)
Series: The Fallout Series #1

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One devastating secret could destroy me.

I left. It wasn’t by choice, but I was the one to leave with promises of staying in touch. It was only supposed to be a year. When my friends abruptly stopped talking to me, one year turned into forever.

Then, tragedy strikes and drags me back home. Home. To the friends that were no longer friends and the boy next door who ignored me when I needed them all the most.

East Branch isn’t big enough to avoid them. When I do, the secrets come to light. Secrets they could’ve told me. Secrets my father never should’ve hidden. Not to mention that seeing Zac brings back all the feelings I convinced myself no longer existed.

He abandoned me once. Can I risk my heart on a promise that he won’t do it again?

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A Little More Touch Me (The Fallout Series Book 2)

Title: A Little More Touch Me (The Fallout Series Book 2)
Series: The Fallout Series #2

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Coming March 16, 2020

A hot guy and new town could raise the temperature on this summer

Moving to Michigan with my best friend is a no brainer especially when going home isn’t an option and I have no idea what to do with the rest of my life. Smoking hot man-whore Porter doesn’t do relationships. Everybody seems to think we’re a bad idea yet to me, there’s never been a better one.

I don’t know what I was thinking. A few nights will never be enough. Then while trying to shield him from my asshole parents, I end up hurting him myself.

Their pressure is about to break me but the only thing that matters now is showing Porter that that I’m worth him putting his heart on the line.

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Hard to Say Yes (The Fallout Series Book 3)

Title: Hard to Say Yes (The Fallout Series Book 3)
Series: The Fallout Series #3

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I’ve been burned one too many times.

Fresh off a breakup with a man I was supposed to want and I have no interest in trying that again. While other people my age are graduating from college and starting their careers, I’ve been working since I was a teen and raising my son. Even with the most engaged co-parent, things have never been easy.

When Tegan Schwartz moves to town and shows his interest in me, I immediately push him away. There’s no space in my life for another man who wants me but doesn’t really love me. I’ve dealt with that since I was fourteen. No thanks. But Tegan is relentless, insisting he isn’t like the others. I’ve fallen for that before, too.

Still, he doesn’t give up and begins to weasel his way into my life. Even with the small progress, I keep him far away from my son. Until it’s clear our feelings are growing and I have to decide if I can merge my two lives.

Can I risk my heart one last time or will I lose Tegan forever?

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Witch of Warwick

Title: Witch of Warwick

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One witch. One very unsuspecting town.


I spent my childhood being bullied by the other children in town. They didn’t like me… they were afraid of me, I was told. Afraid of what?

I’d asked but had never gotten an answer.

Then Grandma died and everything around me began to change. The trees withered and an almost deadly accident made me even more of an outcast. It wasn't like an act of nature was my fault…


Babysitting Miranda on her new path isn’t exactly how I want to spend my time. But the council had deemed it necessary. I definitely didn’t expect to find a beautiful, lonely girl living in a house that appeared ready to collapse. This couldn't be right. Reality didn’t mesh with the legend of her grandmother.

Then things became clear. Her grandmother had hidden everything from the powers Miranda possessed to the untold wealth she’d amassed. And now it fell on me to teach Miranda everything.

Vengeance might be too tempting as I try to lead her toward the light. Choices have to be made and time is working against her. Unless she can learn to control that, too.


Title: Moonstruck

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An arranged marriage, an ordered hit ... and the one shifter who can change it all.

Elizabeth was living under her father’s thumb, until the day a dark, forbidden stranger appears and he claims to be Elizabeth’s mate. Ludicrous as that idea seems, she can’t deny her attraction to Orin, or the magnetic pull of her body to his.

Shocked by the discovery that his mate is not only human but engaged to another man, Orin vows to keep his distance. All that changes when Elizabeth is taken hostage by a rival pack. As a protective rage burns in his veins, Orin is willing to do anything to get her back.

With lives on the line, and a pack war looming, Elizabeth and Orin must fight to survive. Can they find their way back to each other? Or, will an age old rivalry shatter their moonlit fate?