Love by the Slice (Harbor Point Book 1)

Title: Love by the Slice (Harbor Point Book 1)
Series: Harbor Point #1

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She’s technically his boss. Feelings shouldn’t matter.

Bianca planned to help run her grandfather’s pizza parlor after college. For the memories and to help keep trouble away. Then trouble walks right through their front door in the form of a hot new employee. Gio is ridiculously sexy and the chemistry is instant. Their romance—forbidden and delicious. Bianca refuses to date Gio because they work together, but she can’t deny the truth her heart betrays… she’s falling for him.

But Gio isn’t there for the money. He’s there for the sauce. He’s not supposed to fall for anyone, but especially not on a mission for his family. Yet that’s just what he did. Now, he has to choose between the life he’s always known and the girl he can’t get out of his head.

Can Bianca find a way to forgive the heartbreak Gio brought to town? Or will his betrayal be too much for her to willing risk her heart again?

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Love by the Mile (Harbor Point Book 2)

Title: Love by the Mile (Harbor Point Book 2)
Series: Harbor Point #2

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Falling for a man who only uses sex as a weapon won’t be easy.

Trapped in a life of seduction and lies, Sal’s never had anything real. Sex was merely a weapon used to manipulate his family’s rivals. When Sal meets Bailey, everything changes. But when the intimacy and love Bailey offers is too much for Sal to take, he pushes her away.

She doesn’t give up that easily. Bailey’s been flying solo for so long as she tries to figure out what she wants to do with her life and when she meets Sal, she quickly realizes that loving him won’t be easy. And although she promised to walk away if he needed her to, she struggles to keep that promise. She’ll go to any length to win him back and claim his heart for good.

Reaching a man who thinks he doesn’t deserve love might be the biggest challenge of Bailey’s life. She’s willing to give him everything but Sal isn’t convinced he has anything to give her in return.

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Love by the Rules (Harbor Point Book 3)

Title: Love by the Rules (Harbor Point Book 3)
Series: Harbor Point #3

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Gemma is a survivor.

She never learned how to love while being raised in a world of seduction, power, money, and lies. But after helping put her parents in prison, Gemma is thrown out into the world with only her brother and cousin to guide her. When Cash comes into her life, Gemma pushes him away.

Cash wants Gemma to realize she deserves happiness and that he's here to stay. He brings her into his family. He treats her the way she should've always been treated. Yet still she doesn't see that she is not the things she's done.

Yet her past may make a life together impossible but Cash is determined Gemma will love herself and then hopefully him.


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Making Her Mine (Finding Love Book 1)

Title: Making Her Mine (Finding Love Book 1)
Series: Finding Love #1

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Her brother’s best friend coming back to town just might be more than Zoey can handle.

Zoey Goodrich moved home to accept the only job she’s offered after college. Discovering that the man who broke her heart four years ago, her brother’s best friend, is also back is enough to make her rethink that choice. Now all she wants to do is act like nothing ever happened between them.

Wyatt McCann’s decision to leave the military and return home had nothing to do with Zoey Goodrich. Yet now they’re both back and he doesn’t know if he’ll be able to keep his hands off of her. He doesn’t want to, but she’s his best friend’s sister. Totally off limits.

If Wyatt and Zoey have a chance he has to prove that he’s in it for real. Otherwise, he’ll need to step aside and let her find happiness. He’s all in but is she?

If you like swoony heroes and their sassy women, you’ll fall in love with Wyatt and Zoey in Making Her Mine.

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Making Him Hers (Finding Love Book 2)

Title: Making Him Hers (Finding Love Book 2)
Series: Finding Love #2

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His sister’s best friend is staying for the summer… things just got a lot hotter.

Harper Sorensen is lonely and unfulfilled at her job. She thought escaping to her friend’s house for the summer would be exactly what she needs. Her friend’s brother, a hot ex-marine, is just icing on the cake.

Riley Goodrich swore off women to serve his country. Now, Harper staying with his sister for the summer complicates things, but he’s definitely intrigued by this confident, sexy women…but she’s also his sister’s best friend.

Harper and Riley give new meaning to hot summer nights. But when the summer ends, will what they started be strong enough to last?


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