Title: Bound by Magic

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Destiny might get in the way of a sexy tracker bringing his witch-shifter home.  Callie Foster is a magical shifter, one of few in the world. With a witch mother and a shifter father, she got the best of both worlds. When her mother reveals, on her death bed, that Callie has sisters, bound by magic not by blood, Callie promises to find them. For protection. Protection from what, she has no idea.Sexy tracker, Nick Spanakos enters her life with a mission of his own. Bring her back to the gryphons without allowing any contact with her father. He’s the best tracker they have so this should be easy. Until two things are revealed. There’s a hunter after Callie, wants her and all of her kind dead. Oh, and Callie is Nick’s fated mate-the one person in the world made for him as much as he was for her. Callie knows nothing of the shifter world or fated mates. Can they figure out who to trust while not falling into their destiny? Nothing is certain when someone is out to kill you.