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Pushing Daisies 5

Several years ago, Mack and I shared a kiss.

 He’s acted like he barely knows me ever since.
Now I’m on tour with Pushing Daisies thanks to my best friend Daisy and there’s nowhere for Mack to hide.
I’m here and I’m ready to figure things out that it won’t be weird when I’m with his family anymore.
Even if that means I leave this tour with a broken heart.

Sweet and Sexy with a Side of Snark

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Forever Grayson

Forever 18 Book 1

One night changed everything

It was supposed to be one night then I’d never see her again.
Now she’s back in my life and I realize that she’s what I’ve been longing for.
Then I see something I can’t forget and plan to catch her in her lie.
Get back at her somehow from keeping this from me.
I have money. I have fame. I’ll use all of it to get what’s mine.
Turns out, I fell in love with her before I knew the feelings existed.
I never let my heart get involved. Now I don’t want the women who fall all over me.
That’s too easy. I want the challenge.