All of Me (A Holiday Bites Novel)

Title: All of Me (A Holiday Bites Novel)
Series: Holiday Bites #2

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Coming February 4, 2021

Two years after we broke up, Harrison Flynn walked back into my life. Now, I'm so sure he's staying.


Life has never been better. I might've come home due to a tragedy but finding Harrison again was a silver lining. Now we're together and happy but not everyone is OK with that. His brother, Killian, makes his thoughts known and when I find out that Harrison has the chance to study to become a master sommelier in France, all of my insecurities come crashing down.

We didn't do long distance well the first time. Now, the thought terrifies me.


Having Luna back is the best part of my life. I've got a job that I love and my girl by my side. Nothing could be better.

When the opportunity to study in France comes along, I reject it without telling Luna. We didn't last when we'd tried long distance before so there's nothing that could make me chance our relationship again.

I didn't count on someone else trying to sabotage our relationship.

I'll just have to convince Luna that she's my dream and crush anything that gets in our way.

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Van (Pushing Daisies Book 2)

Title: Van (Pushing Daisies Book 1)
Series: Pushing Daisies #2

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Coming January 21, 2021

Running away brought us together. Questionable choices might tear us apart.


I need to get away from a toxic friendship. Hiding away with my brother on tour seems like the perfect solution.

When Van, Pushing Daisies bass player, starts paying attention to me, it doesn’t seem real.

He says he wants to be friends.

I want more.

Until I overhear him say something about me being payback and everything I thought I’d come to know about him vanished.

Then comes the stupid picture and my forming relationship with Van circles the drain.


Did I think that Lexi coming on tour was the perfect opportunity to give my sister’s boyfriend a taste of his own medicine? Yes.

Did I think that I’d fall for her? No. No I did not.

Lexi is smart, funny, and beautiful with the added bonus of not caring about the Rockstar status my band is quickly acquiring.

I started out wanting to be friends and irritate her brother. Turns out… I want so much more.

When things hit the fan, I’m not sure what to believe but I know one thing for sure. Lexi is the girl I want and I’ll protect her with everything I am.

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